Academic Licence Scheme

Enhance your learning and research with MICROMINE

MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing Scheme (ALS) has been introduced in over 115 academic institutions world-wide and continues to expand its reach.


At MICROMINE we offer licences for Academic approved courses of study in tertiary institutions. We provide you with the support and resources to help understand our solution, Micromine, allowing students to experience 3D geological and mine modelling software first hand.

Micromine 2016 has impressive 3D graphics that makes it easier to display and understand geological features.

Micromine 2016 is used by exploration, mining, environmental, consultants and government agencies around the world. Ensuring your students are familiar with Micromine 2016 will give them the good head start in the mining industry.

Some of the ways Micromine 2016 can be used as an Academic solution:

  • Provides a better understanding of how various geological deposits occur, by allowing the student to create 3D geological models
  • Allow students to search for mineral indicators and quantifying 3D ore distribution.
  • Allow students to determining the most profitable pit, graphically designing a mine layout and plan extraction sequence.

For more information on MICROMINE Academic licences please request an Academic licence application form.

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With a Micromine Academic Licence you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Highly discounted Micromine 2016 licences.
  • Access to on-going support.
  • Micromine 2016 provides an easily comprehensible way to display and explain geology in three dimensions.
  • Micromine 2016 is a valuable tool for illustrating features and testing hypothesis.
  • Micromine 2016 is both well-recognised and trusted by geologists, mine engineers and surveyors. By incorporating Micromine into the curriculum you will be equipping students with valuable knowledge for their future.
  • There is high demand for geologists and mine engineers with Micromine 2016 knowledge in the world's top mining organisations.
  • Access to a wider community of Micromine users.
  • International exposure for your research project to the wider academic market and industry via the MICROMINE Academic Hub.


Training material

So that you hit the ground running, learning resources and training materials are available for download for both teaching staff and students.

Full support from our team of MICROMINE experts is also available.

Academic Hub

All Academic projects using Micromine 2016 can be shared in the Academic Hub.

This is a fantastic way to get global exposure amongst like-minded academics and reputable mining organisations.

Once you have a MICROMINE Academic Licence, you are agreeing to share your research and findings with MICROMINE. MICROMINE has the freedom to publish student research and findings in the MICROMINE Academic Hub as a resource for any interested parties. This will enable other MICROMINE academic users to find out more about how Micromine 2016 is being used and how it is helping to improve projects around the world.

Representatives from MICROMINE will also follow up with academic users on an ad-hoc basis to:

  • Gather feedback on the product including useful features, recommendations and potential limitations.
  • Follow up the progress of research or projects being completed using the MICROMINE products.
  • Provide any assistance or support necessary to ensure the product can be used to its full potential.


An Academic Licence must be used in support of a specific geology mine engineering or surveying course delivered by a lecturer to a class of students at an approved tertiary institution. A full licence will be issued to the lecturer along with a set number of student licences to ensure everyone within the class has access to the software.

There are many different ways Micromine 2016 can be used in an Academic environment. Your local MICROMINE support team will be able to discuss your options and help you find the best way to integrate Micromine 2016 into your curriculum.

MICROMINE Academic Licences are to be used for educational purposes only, they may not be used for any commercial projects. Findings must be publicly available and published in the open literature. Copies of published papers, theses, case studies and models must be supplied to MICROMINE.

A MICROMINE representative will follow up with the lecturer on an ad-hoc basis throughout the duration of the course.