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Online Learning is Transforming the Way We Skill Staff

In today’s digitized business world, traditional in-class learning and training is becoming less and less prominent with individuals and businesses opting for an online learning environment instead. From webinars to

With 8 hours to pass on the Prospector, what else to do but reflect on Diggers and Dealers 2017

Geobank Product Strategy Manager, Mark Gabbitus, reflects on his experience over the last four days at Diggers and Dealers 2017. August in the WA mining game means its Diggers &

10 Reasons to Automate Your Mine

There are many advantages to adding automation to any mining operation. When we talk about mining automation, we mean two basic types of technology that the industry is in the

Leveraging a Connected Mine

Surveys and mining industry experts have found that less than one percent of all data collected by mining information devices is used within the actual industrial space. This is likely

How to Improve Mine Safety with Communication

In the depths of a mine, communication is king. Not knowing what your fellow miners are doing is dangerous enough from a miner’s viewpoint, but it can be even more

Environmental Regulations on Mining in the United States

The United States, even after some relaxation of environmental regulations in recent years, has a large legal apparatus governing mining operations and the proper cleanup of antiquated mines. Many states

Modular mine: Customising your software

Intelligent software in mine design MICROMINE’s exploration and 3D mine design solution, Micromine, provides users with an in-depth understanding of their projects, allowing prospective regions to be targeted more accurately.

5 Ways to Improve a Supportive Work Culture for Employees Away from Home

When working on mines or in similar circumstances, the long stretches away from home and family can be the most detrimental element to employee morale. Usually the isolation is worse

MICROMINE HQ hosted the Moscow Geobank Development Lead

Last week MICROMINE HQ hosted the Moscow Geobank Development Lead, Pavel Yakovlev. “We are expanding the Geobank development team here in Perth and over in Moscow so we felt it

Mixed Reality In Mining: MICROMINE And Hologroup Presented Holographic Solutions At Mining World Russia

HoloGroup participated at Mining World Russia in partnership with MICROMINE. The team used Micromine 2016 to demonstrate the synergies made possible with the Microsoft HoloLens application in the mining industry. Conference delegates

Geobank Product Strategy Manager, Mark Gabbitus’ Key Takeaways from WCSB8 in Perth

This week I had the opportunity to attend the 8th World Conference of Sampling and Blending in Perth and I thought I’d share my thoughts and takeaways from the event.

MICROMINE attends the 8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Perth

The 8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB8) will be held in Perth, Australia, on 9–11 May 2017, and follows on from previous very successful conferences held in Denmark (WCSB1),

Introduction to Micromine – April 11-12, Perth

Are you new to Micromine, or haven’t used it in a while? Our Perth office is offering a two-day Introductory course that will get you started. Covering the basics of

Geobank Product Strategy Manager, Mark Gabbitus visits Russia

  Author: Mark Gabbitus Geobank Product Strategy Manager Visiting Moscow in June or July - sure thing but early March in Moscow is too cold for a Perth boy. Ok,

Join Us for the First Annual Micromine User Conference Central Asia (Kazakhstan)

  Micromine User Conferences Micromine User Conference Russia - 2016 Every year, we hold a user conference in Russia to meet our Micromine users, tell them

Open Pit Mine Planning and Design – A guide to using Open Pit data in Micromine’s Scheduler – Part 2

Part 1 identifies, how a user can prepare their mine designs for open pit scheduling. Part 2, will address Micromine’s simple and intuitive workflow for setting up a scheduler project.