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Improving Safety Performance in Mines

Improving Safety Performance in Mines Micromine (GMP¹) is comprised of exploration and mine design modules designed to provide an in-depth understanding of your projects, so prospective regions can be targeted more accurately,

Sliding Productivity and Spiraling Costs: Strategies for Reclaiming Efficiency in the Mining Sector

Starting a new mining venture can provide many benefits, both economically and socially to the region,  however,  there can be large challenges in making sure the venture is successful.  With

Enhancing productivity and safety through automation

In the current economic climate, increasing efficiency has become one of the main challenges faced by mining companies across the industry as they look at ways to increase production while

Enjoying a week in Hobart for the International Mining Geology Conference

Geobank Product Strategy Manager, Mark Gabbitus, reflects on his week at the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference in Hobart and shared his thoughts on what the future of mine geology

The Bloody Long Walk – Mark Gabbitus walks 35km for Mitochondrial disease

When my mate, Cam, asked me if I would walk 35kms to raise money for Mitochondrial disease, I thought “yeah sure, why not?” At the time, I knew almost nothing

Excitement Building for the 2017 Mining Geology Conference

With the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference in Hobart just over a week away, Geobank Product Manager Mark Gabbitus has provided us with his highlights from the event over the

Geobank RoadMap Takes a Road Trip

Mark Gabbitus Product Strategy Manager, Geobank   Not really Renier but how it felt when we were driving Last week I visited our MICROMINE office in

Micromine Training in Uganda

David Bartlett Operations Manager, Micromine   Last week I travelled to Uganda to deliver Micromine training to a group of Randgold exploration geologist. Google earth image

The Mining Life: Open Pit vs. Underground

The mining life is not for everyone. Miners work long hours, often far from home, in one of the most physically-demanding positions out there. While it’s up to the executives,

Taking Your Mine to the Next Level

Today’s mining industry and mining operations are all about information. Whichever mining operation has superior data will produce more raw materials and make higher profits. Advancing the project as it

Are you Compliant with NI – 43-101?

In the mining industry, regulations are strict and omnipresent. Most mining companies have systems in place to ensure they comply with all regulations in the areas they operate. Through operation

Micromine: How Well do you Understand your Data?

In today’s mining industry, data is everything. Mining ventures are going forth with ever-better technology designed to get the most out of every project and area they explore. Mining exploration

MICROMINE head to Georgia for the 5th Annual Russian Summit

The 5th MICROMINE Russian Summit was held on 28 July  -  4  August 2017. All MICROMINE staff participate in a week long, action packed week, full of strategic planning, ideation

Solutions in geological database software

Optimising data management The ability for geological database software to ensure the secure and flexible management of your data can be essential to the success of your operation. Software that

Mining automation: maximising efficiency

Optimising production potential Mining automation is one example of a technological advancement which is becoming a major interest to mining companies, particularly, when the economic climate drives the focus towards

Online Learning is Transforming the Way We Skill Staff

In today’s digitized business world, traditional in-class learning and training is becoming less and less prominent with individuals and businesses opting for an online learning environment instead. From webinars to