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Mining companies look to data and technology to capitalise on improved market conditions

In 2017, the Australian mining industry experienced a period of strong growth, increased revenue and flat operating costs which all paints a positive picture for Australia’s miners who look set

Monthly Top Micromine Support Query

December: Comparing new drillhole assay data with an old block model   QUESTION: I am working on a project which includes a block model and a drillhole database; the drillhole

Mining software – Design workflow tips

Mining software design workflow tips: workflow enhancements With each new version, Micromine aims to provide users with more intuitive tools for mine planning, design and scheduling. These tools help to

Micromine setting the standard in Pit Optimisation

The planning and management of an open pit mine is a complex and challenging task, particularly for mines that have extended mine lives. Optimization techniques can be applied to resolve

MICROMINE participates in 2nd Canada Mining Mission

Austmine recently held its second Canada Mining Mission where participants embarked on a tour of the Canadian mining landscape including interactive site visits and meetings with some of the most

Improved Functionality, Flexibility for Enhanced Micromine Mining Module

MICROMINE has remained a market leader in mining software solutions by regularly releasing new software versions that build upon the strengths of previous versions.  Micromine 2016 is the latest version

Agile Development Methodology Increases Productivity for Geobank

The agile development method is a common approach used to respond to the unpredictable nature of software development. It is a process that involves an incremental, iterative sequences that optimises

How to Improve Efficiencies Through Resource Estimation

Every single major mining project requires an extremely thorough understanding and estimation of the contained resources and reserves. With ever improving technology and cutting-edge mining software solutions, geologists, engineers and

Mine safety software: improving safety performance in mines

Mine safety software: introduction Micromine (GMP¹) is comprised of exploration and mine design modules designed to provide an in-depth understanding of your projects, so prospective regions can be targeted more accurately, increasing

Sliding Productivity and Spiraling Costs: Strategies for Reclaiming Efficiency in the Mining Sector

Starting a new mining venture can provide many benefits, both economically and socially to the region, however, there can be large challenges in making sure the venture is successful. With

The modular mining approach

The modular mining approach: integrated tools Not only does Micromine provide integrated tools for modelling, estimation and design, but as a flexible and scalable solution, users are able to choose

Ore extraction optimisation

Ore extraction optimisation: project management For many mining operations, finding the maximum ore extraction optimisation schedule is a manual process that combines spreadsheets with project management applications. While these tools

Mobile mining

Mobile mining: real-time insight With the sophistication of mobile devices increasing every year, it’s no surprise to see more and more mobile mining applications appear on the market. Apps provide

Mining visualisation tools

Mining visualisation tools: more effective decisions With an in-depth understanding of the project, more effective decisions are able to be made that will increase the likelihood of your project’s success.

Enhancing productivity and safety through automation

In the current economic climate, increasing efficiency has become one of the main challenges faced by mining companies across the industry as they look at ways to increase production while

Enjoying a week in Hobart for the International Mining Geology Conference

Geobank Product Strategy Manager, Mark Gabbitus, reflects on his week at the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference in Hobart and shared his thoughts on what the future of mine geology