Geobank Mining SoftwareMICROMINE is pleased to announce Service Pack 3 for Geobank 2017 is now available for download.

Service Pack 3 is a minor update to the Geobank family, which includes a small number of important bug fixes that will enhance the user experience. As well as these fixes, two new features were also added to this Service Pack.

Fixes and new features include:

  • A number of errors with labels in Graphic Reports have been fixed. The background colour was fixed as white so the labels looked odd on coloured backgrounds.
  • A number of issues in Sample Tracker have been fixed.
  • An issue when plotting Graphic Reports to PDF has been fixed. The option to print each drill log to a separate file was not working.
  • It is now possible to change the substituting parameters of a Graphic Report and reload the data without having to exit the report and run it again.
  • When running an export object, the user is presented with links to the folder where the data has been placed. These links were not generated when the export was run as part of a macro but have now been added.


For more information about Geobank 2017 and to start downloading now, please visit our Geobank downloads page.

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