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A Secure and Flexible Data Management Solution

"We chose Geobank as it fulfilled our data management, validation and reporting criteria. Our internal and external workflows are more sound and consistent, and most importantly we have total confidence in the quality of our data.”

Charlie Lord - Resource Geologist, Endocoal Ltd

Why choose MICROMINE’s Geobank Solution?

In a world where data management is crucial, investing in the appropriate geological software is essential to the successful future of an organisation. 

Most mining and exploration companies struggle to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data. Some of the problems with inaccurate data are visible, others unfortunately are not. Loss of data, poor accessibility and quality control issues can cost millions of dollars when inaccurate modelling and decision making results. 

The Geobank products have been designed and built to ensure that no matter how large your company is, how limited your IT capabilities or diverse your geological resource, we have the solution you need. 

MICROMINE’s entire suite of Geobank products deliver the best of geological data management capabilities, no matter which environment you need it to operate within.

Geobank Features

Geobank is a secure and flexible data management system to protect your most valuable asset – your data.


  • Intuitive and visual tools can be accessed at the push of a button
  • Visual Query tool, Plan Views, Importing and Exporting are just some of the new intuitive ways of working in Geobank
  • A central, secure system for storing your geological data providing a single point or truth
  • Powerful validation to ensure accurate data
  • Flexible reporting to transform your data into usable information
  • Shared storage system to ensure appropriate visibility, accessibility and reliability
  • Shared workflows to provide simple and consistent processes
  • Scalable for use by operations of all sizes and across multiple sites
  • Modules available to suit all data management requirements
  • Enhanced Security model with improved level of security based on Windows Users and Groups

Geobank Solutions

Field Logging Solution

Geobank Mobile enables secure, accurate and reliable capture and real-time validation of data in the field. Data fields, approval and transfer mechanisms can be completely customised.

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Mineral Exploration

The primary asset from an investment in mineral exploration is the project data that is obtained. Geobank provides the data management and reporting tools needed to securely manage and interpret this important asset.

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Production, Drilling and Grade Control

Once a resource has been defined and mining is in progress, or soon to start, resource infill drilling and production grade control drilling activities produce new data. This information adds to the definition and detail of existing resource data.

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Energy Solutions

Geobank has been specifically designed to cater for a wide range of energy commodities, such as soft rock, hard metals, or gas by providing essential tools to increase productivity.

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Data Management

Geobank solution by MICROMINE provides flexible and efficient environment for capturing, validating, storing and managing data from diverse sources. It is a dynamic solution that uses a scalable data model, which can be tailored to meet specific exploration and mining requirements.

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Bureau Services

Geobank’s team of data management specialists located in our offices worldwide provide training, consulting and services to enable you to create and optimise your data management system and processes.

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Assay Management

Geobank Assay Management Solution provides effective procedures to meet the needs of exploration and mining geologists working with different commodity types including minerals and metals, coal and gas.

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Geobank Modules

Core Module

The Core module is fundamental to the Geobank application. It provides all the tools required to build a robust, yet flexible data management system. Data collection, validation, browsing and reporting functions can all be tailored to meet the requirements within an organisation.

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Sample Tracker

The Sample Tracker module stores and manages data that relates to the collection, preparation and analysis of samples.

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Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting has been designed to ensure all reporting requirements are achievable through the ability to configure, store and run complex reports.

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The Professional module provides extended functionality designed specifically for exploration and mining. It includes specialised utilities for displaying and managing drillhole data.

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The Coal module offers functionality aimed at dealing more effectively with the added complexity of coal data.

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This module allows an administrator to centralise data management and security using SQL Server tools. The user interface can also be customised using a Configuration Manager.

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Geobank Mobile

Geobank Mobile enables you to collect and manipulate data in the field. The software ensures that you data accuracy via real-time validation and rich data input controls that minimise errors at the point of entry. The customisable calculated fields, in-built data approval and transfer mechanisms, as well as seamless integration with Geobank and Micromine, make it an extremely efficient tool.

Software Features

Geobank Mobile has been specifically designed with your geology and mining requirements in mind. It provides an efficient, comprehensive and flexible solution for collecting, validating and transferring data from the field to the office. Reducing your data loss and increasing data quality with validation at the point of data entry.

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Geobank Mobile has been optimised to work with touch screen and standard keyboard devices. It currently supports all NMEA standard GPS data, with the ability to add support for other types of devices as they emerge.

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Hardware Bundles

To support Geobank Mobile, we have brought together industry leading rugged field hardware, which comes with our unique software pre-loaded, so that you can switch on your device anywhere and be up and running in moments. By eliminating the risks to data integrity by validating information immediately, your efficiency and accuracy are vastly improved. You can get logging straight away, no fuss, low cost – a quality solution.

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Geobank Annual Licence

As an Annual Licence Member of the Geobank Solution, clients receive a range of benefits including:

  • Global support in your language and time zone
  • Complimentary upgrade to the latest versions
  • Complimentary software patches
  • Complimentary half-day new version training
  • Quarterly Service and Support Updates
  • 25% discount on open training
  • 25% discount on customised training
  • 50% discount on customised refresher training (minimum class sizes apply) *
  • 40% discount off newly launched modules*
  • Eligible to participate in new version Beta programs
  • Eligible to contribute to ongoing product development

*Refer Annual Licence Terms and Conditions for details.

To learn more about the benefits of the Annual Licence please contact or your Account Manager.