Geobank Case Studies


Region: Russia - Archangelsk

Commodity: Crude Oil and Gas

AGD contacted MICROMINE believing that the Geobank a solution would solve their data management problems.


Platinum Australia

Region: Australia and South Africa

Commodity: Platinum Group Metals

With software able to give users a complete range of functionality from day one, operational benefits for Platinum Australia begin and end at the same place...

Castle Peak

Region: USA

Commodity: Gold

Geobank assisted Castle Peak by enabling it to control the data collection end, which had the effect of limiting or reducing entry errors.


Scorpio Gold Corporation

Region: USA - Nevada

Commodity: Gold

With the implementation of Micromine and Geobank in their operations, Briscoe has reported large changes in both efficiency and quality of work.



Region: Australia - Bowen Basin

Commodity: Coal

The company believes that now the Micromine software is running internally they will receive long term benefit from being able to undertake resource modelling in-house.