Geobank Mobile runs on Microsoft Windows® laptops, tablets and other devices. MICROMINE can check the suitability of your device and, if necessary, recommend or supply suitable hardware.

Use existing hardware or ask MICROMINE to recommend or supply suitable hardware on which to run Geobank Mobile. 

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Hardware Solutions

Most clients run Geobank Mobile on hardware they already own. Regular or rugged laptops are often used in the field for logging data. Geobank Mobile can be installed on these devices as well as on a variety of tablets.

Geobank Mobile is supported on Microsoft Windows ® devices. Refer to the technical specifications for hardware requirements.

Geobank Mobile can capture data directly from GPS and other field survey and measurement devices. See integrations for information about the devices Geobank Mobile is able to integrate with.

If you do not have available hardware, MICROMINE can assist by recommending suitable tablets such as those described below. These are tablets which have been tested with Geobank Mobile.

Hardware can be purchased directly from stockists, or in some regions through MICROMINE. In this case, the software can be pre-loaded, which means you can be up and running in no time at all! Please Contact your account manager to learn more about the options available in your region.