Data from GPS, Mag Sus readers, weighing scales, cameras, barcode scanners and other devices can be logged directly into Geobank Mobile without requiring a user to read and type the data. Geobank Mobile provides simple mechanisms to share data with other systems.

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GBM Integrations

Incoming Data

When logging data in the field, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. Use Geobank mobile to bypass the time-consuming and error-prone step of typing in data from measuring devices. Geobank integrates with the following devices so that data can be transferred directly from the device to Geobank Mobile:

  • GPS: log location from an internal or external GPS (global Positioning System) device; this included functionality to capture other GPS metadata such as zone, time, satellite count and precision
  • Magnetic Susceptibility: Log Mag Sus readings directly from KT-9 or KT-10 devices
  • Weighing Scales: capture sample weights directly from the scale, including date, tare, averaging, reference weights and range checks
  • Camera: capture images from an internal or external camera within the context of other associated data, images can be stored within the database or as files
  • Barcode scanners: instantly log barcoded data such as sample labels
  • RFID: Capture data from RFID tags using a tablets internal RFID scanner. Other keystroke emulating devices are also supported.

Outgoing Data

Once data has been logged, it is needed in other systems where it can be interpreted so that decisions can be made. Geobank Mobile provides:

  • Sync to SQL: this synchronises logged data and metadata from the device to a server in the office. Synchronisation also updates devices with the latest metadata and profiles from the server.
  • Export to Micromine: data can be exported in Micromine .DAT file format for preview and visualisation in Micromine, enabling the logger to visualise the data in three dimensions as logging proceeds.
  • Approve and export to other standard formats with on-the-fly integration. Geobank Mobile provides a formal process for transferring the custodianship of logged data from the device to the next stage in the data management process. This is done by approving and exporting the data to a format such as .CSV.