Software Features

Geobank Mobile features:

  • Rich data input controls to minimise errors at point of entry
  • Powerful calculated fields
  • Flexible validation rules to identify errors at point of entry
  • Customisable layout of data entry grids
  • Relational data storage to minimize data errors
  • Data Approval mechanism to approve data before export
  • Synchronise logged data from devices to a central database
  • Support for transferring data between Geobank or Micromine
  • Import and Export data to and from standard formats
  • Runs on SQL CE so there are no SQL Server requirements
  • Reads GPS and other field device data with support for additional devices in the roadmap
  • Designed to work with touch screen devices
  • Easily configured logging profiles
  • Administrator management to create and protect logging profile definitions and distribute changes such as lookup lists
  • Data Locking to prevent editing of reference data
  • Softkey Licencing means there is no need for a dongle and if necessary licences can be transferred from one device to another.

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Why Geobank Mobile will work for your company

"Good data in, good data out in a timely fashion allows data to be used by a number of end users, on a variety of platforms."

Larry Mireku, Castle Peak Data Manager

Fast Accurate Data Capture

The combination of look-up tables and data entry rules substantially improves the utility of pen and touch- based devices.. This allows you to simultaneously update nearly every field in a record with one or two stylus taps, minimising or eliminating the use of the virtual keyboard.

  • Customisable lookup tables (pick-lists) for immediate access to user-defined lookup codes
  • Flexible data entry rules, such as copying, replicating and incrementing for one-click updates on multiple fields
  • Configurable editor controls allow for displaying and entering data in natural, understandable formats.

Effective Mobile operating environment

  • Compatible across Windows platforms, providing a wide range of devices from laptops to tablets.
  • GPS support for field collection of attributed spatial data.
  • Fully compatible across the Micromine product range
  • Runs on SQL CE so there is no SQL Server requirement
  • The integration of third party hardware is made easy through a plugin architecture that allows for adding new device support when required
  • Secure Administrator mode allows you to password protect defined parameters, such as lookup values and logging profile structures.

User Friendly Display

  • Intuitive and familiar spread sheet style User Interface
  • Full Windows clipboard support
  • Field display order can be manipulated, allowing for the logical grouping of data
  • Concealable and lockable fields ensure only those fields essential to the task at hand are displayed
  • Resizable columns enable customised views
  • Docking framework allows you to arrange your views to suit your preferences
  • User view customizations are saved and restored every time you open the application so it always starts how you left it.
  • File export for common text formats
  • Customisable filtering and sorting allows you to display and navigate records easily
  • Flexible data grouping allows you to display and navigate data easily