The Administrator module provides tools to a database administrator for Geobank’s centralised configuration management – from setting up user profiles and various levels of access relevant to their roles to customising Geobank’s user interface.

Administrator module is also fundamental to Geobank solution. It is designed around a Configuration Manager, a secure section within Geobank that contains the tools to create and manage key Geobank functions.


Key Features & Benefits Get Geobank

Admin image

Key Features

  • Centralised administration of settings that apply to all Geobank users
  • Usage Tracking can monitor the usage of objects by users and administrators. It can track details related to objects edited and objects being used
  • Configuration Manager offers functionalities to search for and group data, configure settings, view usage data, and improve configuration and importing and exporting

Key Benefits

  • Save time by simplifying administration procedures
  • Enhance consistency through the centralised administration of software features
  • Increase efficiency by managing various user profiles and access to relevant Geobank components