Advanced Reporting


Geobank’s Advanced Reporting module allows user to configure, store and run complex reports tailored to their exact requirements.

Designed to ensure all clients’ advanced reporting requirements are achieved through the ability to configure, store and run reports.

The Advanced Reporting module allows users to produce, configure, store and run simple or complex reports. Report outputs can be produced in a variety of formats, ranging from simple text summaries to composite graphical reports.


Key Features & Benefits Get Geobank

Key Features

  • Generate reports in a wide range of formats, including PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS and CSV
  • Sample Reports A set of commonly required reports that can be customised to user requirements
  • Report Designer provides the tools needed to create fully customisable report layouts
  • Create report documents from any source – either from existing datasets or in an unbound mode
  • Chart Control - Visualise complex data using simple (Bar, Column, Pie) or advanced (Bubble and Gantt) charts
  • Table Reports - Display tabular information in a report
  • Master Detail Reports - Display data from a hierarchical data structure
  • Sub Reports - Embed reports within reports

Key Benefits

  • Generate reports to maximise and increase your understanding of the data stored in existing databases
  • Minimise report generation overhead by re-using and sharing reports
  • Reduce effort spent on maintaining reports
  • Turn data into valuable information
  • Achieve sophisticated reporting requirements
  • Build reports quickly and easily using customisation tools
  • Ensure formatting consistency through the standardisation of report templates company-wide