Geobank’s Coal module offers functionality aimed at dealing more effectively with the added complexity of coal data.

Designed specifically to provide tools that deal effectively with the complexity of coal data. This includes functionality to calculate cumulative results from fractional results. The ability to generate a standardised wash matrix by interpolating missing data values from existing data points, and the ability to calculate wash tables to use as the basis for displaying and interpreting wash curves.


Key Features & Benefits Get Geobank

Key Features

  • The storage of fractional and cumulative washability data at multiple size fractions
  • The compilation of a standardised wash matrix by interpolating values from disparate washability data sets
  • Basic compositing tools with the option to view wash curves
  • Dynamic calculation of a product based on user specified parameters
  • The ability to calculate and export wash tables

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates a workflow for washability data management and calculations
  • Produces meaningful results that allow informed decisions to be made
  • Fast and effective product estimations with the choice of storing or simply exporting data
  • Identifies invalid or missing washability data