The Geobank Core module provides an unbeatable range of tools required to build any data management system, which can be tailored to any individual or organisation.

Geobank begins with Core module. It contains all the tools required to build a robust, yet flexible data management system. Data capture, validation, storing and reporting – any aspect of Geobank can all be tailored to meet the requirements of any individual, or group within an organisation.


Key Features & Benefits Get Geobank

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Key Features

  • Vast range of Data Management tools required to build a database system
  • Fully configurable data validation rules to cross-referencing project information and automated checking of core data, assay information and surveyed collar positions
  • Allows you to create and configure Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, which are used to extract, validate and filter data. Commonly used queries can be saved and grouped together
  • Customised Data Views provide a user interface for data browsing, data entry and validation, which display relational data concisely using a ‘tiled’ notebook interface
  • Geobank data views have a spreadsheet style interface that allows; application of filters, editing records, auto insert function, downhole validation checks, lookup fields and hierarchy based filtering
  • Flexible Import and Export functionality allows data migration between your Geobank database and common file formats, including direct import from Excel documents (XLS, XLSX) to database tables, validation and repair of data
  • Quick HTML reports allow you to report table or query data as an external HTML page, which can be viewed and printed using your web browser
  • Sophisticated Graphical Reports is both a report generator and a data browser. It provides visual representations of geotechnical, hydrological, geological and geophysical data, ranging from simple text summaries to highly complex composite graphical reports
  • Flexible Symbology creates patterns and legends from scratch using standard Geobank symbols, True Type fonts or by importing objects from Micromine
  • External Applications can be configured and invoked using Geobank. Examples include Micromine, Pitram, third party GIS or CAD applications, web browsers and SQL Reporting
  • Powerful Macro Building capabilities enable users to combine multiple tasks into one overall process

Key Benefits

  • Increase data confidence and reduce data errors through secure storage which can handle all types of geological information
  • Extensive capabilities to browse, query, validate, analyse and extract your data
  • Reduce time spent converting data between various formats
  • Ensure concise, accurate reports based on clean and valid data
  • Better understanding of tabular data by visual representation e.g. graphic logs with core photos