Geobank’s Professional module provides extended functionality designed specifically for exploration and mining. It includes specialised utilities for displaying and managing drillhole data.


Key Features & Benefits Get Geobank

Key Features

  • On the fly LAS files import and map unresolved mnemonic
  • Coordinate Transformations allow multiple coordinate systems to be utilised simultaneously and transformed to a single grid, with export to Google Earth®
  • Depth Adjustment tool displays lithological, sampling, and geotechnical data, side-by-side in adjustable (source) and non-adjustable (reference) panels. Records can be inserted interactively.
  • Downhole Desurvey tool generates X, Y, Z coordinates from downhole deviation surveys
  • Composite Interval Definitions tool allows compositing interval definitions based on a seam
  • Downhole Coordinate Interpolation allows to interpolate coordinates at given depths down a hole
  • The Site List Editor provides an effective way of creating and maintaining the site lists for one or more projects.
  • The Plan View provides a visual representation of the point, boundary, and section data for a project, or across multiple projects.
  • Enhanced Fence Diagrams (seam correlation) create 2D fence diagrams by selecting holes from a plan view

Key Benefits

  • Manage tenement, drillhole and other exploration data on a project basis
  • Accurate desurveying, correlating and compositing of downhole data through specialised drillhole utilities
  • Save time and improve data quality through the ability to adjust seam logs onto geophysical logs quickly and accurately
  • Conduct ‘on the fly’ datum conversions using built-in coordinate transformations to deal with survey data in multiple systems
  • Easily and efficiently visualise, validate and correct seam correlations, and quickly generate accurate displays