MICROMINE is pleased to announce Service Pack 1 for Geobank Mobile 2.3 is now available for download.

Geobank Mobile is secure, accurate and reliable, and allows geological field data to be captured and validated in real-time.

Service Pack 1 is a minor update to the Geobank family, which includes a small number of important improvements and bug fixes that will enhance the user experience on a day to day level. These changes demonstrate Geobank’s continued goal of delivering improved usability, stability, flexibility and functionality to users.

Enhancements and improvements include:

  • It is now possible to modify an existing Text column as a Relationship column linked to a lookup table containing the text codes from the Text column.
  • A SyncFix button has been added alongside the normal sync button in the data capture user interface.
  • An option to lock the window layout and the column order to avoid inadvertent layout changes or column order/sort order changes while capturing data has been provided.
  • The allowed default query timeout value has been increased. This may be necessary when queries are being run while syncing.
  • Help updates related to the synchronisation of logging profiles and database connections have been added.
  • Some audit fields are not updated when execution parameters are used to bulk update existing rows.
  • Data sometimes doesn’t sync from mobile device to the server database.
  • A change to the Geobank Mobile version patching module is required to cater for the new major-minor-build-patch numbering scheme.
  • When two users on different computers make changes on the same row, or add new rows, synchronisation only takes effect from the first synchronisation. When the user on the second computer performs a sync after the first user, all of that user’s changes are lost when data is synchronised from the sever.
  • Synchronisation errors may occur when negative numeric field values are encountered.


To start downloading now, please visit our Geobank download section.

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