MICROMINE has remained a market leader in mining software solutions by regularly releasing new software versions that build upon the strengths of previous versions.  Micromine 2016 is the latest version of MICROMINE’s exploration and 3D mine design solution and includes a host of new features aimed at improved flexibility, functionality and performance. A highlight of this release has been key improvements made to the mining module.

Micromine is a market leading exploration and mine design solution which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling. There are 10 modules available in Micromine 2016 which provides the flexibility for users to choose the required functionality when needed.

Today, more than ever before, mining engineers and mine managers rely on digital data and processing to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Targeting improved usability, the Micromine 2016 Mining Module has been designed specifically for mining engineers, providing powerful and intuitive tools for planning and designing surface and underground mines. It assists mine managers develop a mine plan based on the relevant mining parameters and business fundamentals and can turn raw mining data into meaningful 3D designs. The Mining Module integrates all of the mining functionality within a single application, removing the need for third party sources.


Micromine Mining module provides a toolkit for mine managers that covers all mining methods for both surface and underground:


Surface Operations

Surface mine engineers benefit from Micromine Mining’s intuitive tools for designing an open pit using variable geotechnical parameters; converting between overall slope angle and batter angles/berm widths; and designing haul roads, slot ramps, switchbacks and cutbacks.

Specialised tools for open pit blast pattern design include creating blast patterns, blast rows or single blastholes; clipping blastholes to a wireframe; defining the firing sequence and delays; and restricting blastholes to specified boundaries.


Underground Operations

Underground mine engineers benefit from Micromine Mining’s integrated suite of CAD tools for carrying out mine layout design; drafting underground drives, rises, shafts, declines and inclines; and stope design and ring design, including drill fans, charging, stemming and volume calculations.

Some of the new features for the Micromine 2016 Mining Module include:

  • Auto Build Pit quickly creates a pit for evaluating design issues and haul road openings its intuitive and interactive pit design framework vastly simplifies the design of open pits
  • Auto Re-align Pit Strings option adjusts multiple benches in a single operation
  • Create Mining Blocks option for quickly dividing a solid into blocks for open pit scheduling
  • Sidewall to Centreline options create the median line between a pair of sidewall strings and calculate left and right sidewall offsets relative to the centreline

Micromine Technical Product Manager Frank Bilki said a lot of work had gone into the development of the latest version of the Mining Module “we are really excited about these latest enhancements to the mining module, it will provide users with a toolkit to plan and design their mine with confidence. We feel that our clients will benefit greatly from these upgrades”.

A key upgrade has been made to the new Auto Build Pit “the new Auto Build Pit will give engineers and mine planners the ability to quickly produce a complete pit design, eliminating the need to manually produce multiple designs before settling on a final design” said Bilki.

Micromine Mining, together with Core and Wireframing, provide specialised Mining tools for surface and underground mine design. Users can also access standard Micromine productivity features such as Vizex, form sets, Field Calculator, macros, Python scripting and Plot Editor. Pit Optimisation, Mine Design and Scheduling, together with the related visualisation and reporting, can all be done inside Micromine.  There is no importing or exporting of data, which can be both time consuming and error prone.

Bilki added “Being able to display all related information, in a true 3D environment, improves the decision-making process. We are always working to stay ahead of the competition by offering the most innovative and functional software updates for our clients”.


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