Micromine Case Studies

Cornwall Resources

Region: United Kingdom

Commodity: Tin, Tungsten and Copper

In March 2017, Cornwall Resources chose to implement MICROMINE’s
exploration and mine design solution Micromine across its operations.
The decision was made after reviewing Micromine against other leading

Great Panther Silver Ltd.

Region: Mexico

Commodity: Silver

In 2006, after considering a variety of competitor solutions, Great Panther decided to introduce MICROMINE’s exploration and 3D mine design solution, Micromine. Great Panther is always satisfied with the latest Micromine releases and the new functionality provided.

Cameron Consulting

Region: USA

Commodity: All

MICROMINE is renowned by its excellent relationships with its clients. In this instance, a request to enhance the Paired Data tool by adding a switch to allow the user to select only the nearest pair, was made. Within two weeks a Beta version was available for evaluation and it was subsequently incorporated into the next version of the software.

Paladin Energy Limited

Region: Australia, Canada, Africa

Commodity: Uranium

Paladin has been involved with the Micromine Beta Testing Programme for the past six years. During this time major Micromine product development has been undertaken based on the company’s suggestions and feedback.

Imperial College

Region: United Kingdom

Commodity: Academic Licensing Scheme

The objective of the training course is to teach students how to use Micromine and to provide them with an understanding of how integral software is to the mining industry. To achieve these objectives MICROMINE provide a real-world scenario that a geologist might encounter early in their career.

University of Leicester

Region: United Kingdom

Commodity: Education

Leicester’s Geology department enrolled into Micromine’s Academic Licencing Scheme - designed by MICROMINE to meet the unique needs of professors, instructors, and faculties seeking to provide students with user-friendly software, and a more comprehensive understanding of real-world projects, as part of an academic course.

Tetra Tech

Region: Canada

Commodity: All

“By developing innovative modelling techniques in Micromine, we have been able to service and attract more clients with thin vein deposits. The introduction of Micromine was definitely a worthwhile and profitable investment”

SRK Consulting

Region: Global

Commodity: All

SRK uses Geobank because the data management system provides a flexible and efficient environment for validating, storing and accessing data from diverse software, applications and sources.

Scorpio Gold Corporation

Region: USA - Nevada

Commodity: Gold

With the implementation of Micromine and Geobank in their operations, Briscoe has reported large changes in both efficiency and quality of work.