Core Plotting


Core Plotting has a Vizex-style interface for creating complex plot layouts in minutes using predefined or customised templates.


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Micromine Core Plotting Module

A Micromine plot layout combining a geological cross section with an embedded Excel workbook showing the corresponding grade/tonnage curve.

Key Features

  • The Plot Editor is an integrated environment for configuring presentation-quality output
  • Interactive drag-and-drop editing
  • Automatic synchronisation of plan views and cross-sections
  • The ability to add legends, user defined title blocks, north arrows and other visual elements
  • Coordinate grid overlays, including graticules (latitude/longitude) and multiple coordinate systems
  • Enhanced coordinate grid labelling for oblique cross-sections
  • Support for multiple frames (including any combination of multiple plots, images, tabular data, coordinate grids, graticules, and external documents such as DOC or PDF) on a single layout
  • The ability to append multiple plots, which can be combined to produce output beyond the already powerful abilities of Vizex
  • Simple creation and management of user-defined plot templates that can easily be shared across an organization
  • Layout design tools that simplify the creation of new layout designs
  • Auto-load options to place new plot files into existing layouts or plot directly from a saved view (no plot file needed)
  • Powerful automation through Micromine’s easy-to-use macros

Key Benefits

  • Create new plot layouts faster than ever
  • selection of templates eliminates the need to predefine layouts up-front improving productivity
  • Create dozens of plots in minutes with macro automation
  • Quickly produce your own customised layouts using the many frame templates and snippets
  • Simplified layout editing with drag-and-drop and other layout tools
  • Pan and zoom within a 2D plot, rotate within a 3D plot