The Mining Module is designed specifically for mining engineers, providing powerful and intuitive tools for planning and designing surface and underground mines. Together with Micromine Core and Wireframing, it has never been easier to develop a mine plan based on your organisation’s mining parameters and business fundamentals.



Micromine Core is mandatory for all Micromine modules.

Micromine Wireframing is required for modifying pit shell DTMs, creating a pit/surface outline, creating solids for development headings and stopes, or producing wireframe-based grade/tonnage reports.


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Interactive ring design and stopes grades and tonnage report, with specialised plotting tools that allow users to create sophisticated ring design plots.

Key Features

  • A toolkit that covers virtually all commodities and mining methods
  • Polyline Sections for drawing cross-sections consisting of multiple segments
  • Window geolinking to keep all views synchronised as you browse your spatial data
  • Advanced Vizex design objects include Pit Design, Underground Design, Ring Design, and Blasthole Design
  • Additional Vizex drillhole Solid Trace display object
  • Annotation tools for dimensioning (distances, radii, angles), creating labels and callouts, and adding arrows and plain text to the Vizex display or a Plot Editor document. Frequently used annotation settings may be saved as annotation sets for instant re-use
  • Advanced Dynamic Input Mode for drawing objects using CAD-like commands
  • The Grade Control, Ring Design, Blast Design, Pit Design, and Mine Design toolbars
  • The menu includes;
    • Underground Tools
    • Ring Design
    • Opencut Tools
    • Grade Control
    • Pit Design
    • Blasthole Design
    • Waste dump modeller for building a waste dump to a known elevation or volume
    • Road design for surface haul roads
  • Interactive grade control calculations in any orientation using wireframes or closed strings
  • String tools for generating polygonal buffers
  • Reporting options for block models and point sample grades

Key Benefits

Specialised Micromine Mining tools for surface and underground mine design, together with Core and Wireframing, provide the following benefits:

  • A toolkit that covers virtually all mining methods
  • Access to standard Micromine productivity features such as Vizex, form sets, Field Calculator, macros, Python scripting, and Plot Editor
  • An intuitive and interactive pit design framework that vastly simplifies the design of open pits
  • CAD tools that help to quickly design drives, rises, shafts, declines and inclines
  • Virtually unlimited spatial undo/redo for even the most complex designs
  • Wireframe and string design tools enable speedy stope and mining block design

Enhanced CAD and Wireframing tools are provided for mine design - from open pit to underground, any commodity and any complexity.

Surface Operations

Surface mine engineers benefit from Micromine Mining's intuitive tools for designing an open pit using variable geotechnical parameters; converting between overall slope angle and batter angles/berm widths; and designing haul roads, slot ramps, switchbacks and cutbacks.

Specialised tools for open pit blast pattern design include creating blast patterns, blast rows or single blastholes; clipping blastholes to a wireframe; defining the firing sequence and delays; and restricting blastholes to specified boundaries.

  • Powerful tools for pit design, including toe-contour-crest-road design, automatic berm-by-berm pit design and projection to any specified elevation
  • Variable geotechnical constraints for pit design using a block model or wireframes
  • Support for incorporating inclined berms on any bench of a pit
  • Automatic detection and repair of pit design crossovers
  • Road design tools with numerous berm-crossing, flat haul road sections and switchback options
  • Cartographic slope lines for visually differentiating between benches and the down-slope direction of berms
  • Interactive pit shell (wireframe) creation
  • Interactive intersection of pit shells and topography
  • Blasthole pattern design and charge calculation options
  • Tools to define firing sequence, delays and order
  • Blast displacement calculations
  • Clipping of blastholes to any surface or wireframe
  • Mining block volume calculations
  • IREDES import and export for sharing data with other software
  • Pit optimisation import and export for sharing data with other optimisers
  • Tools for generating surface haul roads, including road profile definition and cut/fill wireframe output

Underground Operations

Underground mine engineers benefit from Micromine Mining’s integrated suite of CAD tools for carrying out mine layout design; drafting underground drives, rises, shafts, declines and inclines; and stope design and ring design, including drill fans, charging, stemming and volume calculations.

  • Sophisticated tools for mine layout design
  • A range of CAD tools for engineering work for designing drives, rises, shafts, declines and inclines
  • Wireframe generation and grade calculation for stope solids
  • Interactive wireframe creation of underground workings from centreline strings, using several standard or custom profile shapes
  • Interactive sidewall and offset line generation
  • Interactive Sidewall to Solid for generating underground solids directly from sidewall strings
  • Interactive profile shape generation from existing underground solids
  • Sophisticated and advanced wireframe and string design tools for stope and mining block design
  • Advanced ring design tools
    • Support for drillhole fans, parallel drillholes and single drillholes
    • Numerous adjustments for existing drillholes
    • Replication options for individual rings
    • Custom rig shape support
    • Charging and stemming calculations
    • On-the-fly ring design plotting
    • Interactive wireframe generation and grade/tonnage reporting
  • Volume calculation for production stopes and development
  • Grade/Tonnage reports for mining blocks


The Mining module extends the capabilities of Vizex (Visual Explorer), a visualisation environment for displaying, querying, and interactively editing multiple data layers.