The Surveying module is designed specifically to import and process survey data, providing calculation facilities for points, strings, surfaces and volumes collected from mine surveys, mining open pit and underground operations. It provides generic tools for survey calculations and supports communications with survey instruments.



Micromine Core is mandatory for all Micromine modules.


Key Features & Benefits Vizex Get Micromine

Micromine Surveying Module

Key Features

  • Advanced Vizex object for displaying contours
  • Advanced Dynamic Input Mode for drawing objects using CAD-like commands
  • Generic surveying tools
    • Import observations, detail coordinate calculations, level reduction
    • Set out calculations, field reductions, resection, mean observations
    • Traverse, manual calculations (angles, stadia, RDS, subtense, EDM, SAS)
    • Survey offset calculations
  • DTM tools
    • Create surface, create plane from points
    • Volumes, cut and fill volume, contours, seam thickness
    • Generate Z values, assign,
    • Convert to Micromine file, convert to DXF faces file
  • Wireframing tools
    • Create DTM
    • Point cloud outer shell
  • Mining tools
    • Sidewall to solid
  • Compass traverse (part of CORE but located on the Survey menu) and other traverse calculations
  • Coordinate conversion tools (part of CORE but located on the Survey menu)
    • Between coordinate systems (including datum conversions)
    • Between plane grid (local) coordinate systems

Key Benefits

  • Generic tools for survey calculations
  • DTM tools to simplify the process of creating surfaces from survey data and calculating contours, thicknesses or volumes
  • Support for communication with survey instruments
  • A versatile import option to import data from any data recorder text format


The Surveying module extends the capabilities of Vizex (Visual Explorer), a visualisation environment for displaying, querying and interactively editing multiple data layers.