Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerMicrosoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical support providers. MICROMINE received the Microsoft Gold Partner Certification in early 2013 and the Micromine product was certified as Windows 10 compatible in August 2015. Micromine is also compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. and has a network of strategic partners with whom we work closely to better serve our customer’s with customised solutions.

Companies who are Microsoft Gold-Certified receive continuous online technical support, news, updates and useful information from the software giant. Even more, partners can get up to 100 licenses for each Microsoft product they want or need to either strengthen their business or deliver value to customers.

There are also advantages in becoming a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner that other companies do not have – that is until they too decide to partner with the software giant. These advantages include permission to provide Microsoft-based IT services and products to other businesses or clients, among other things.

The company’s overall competence and background will determine what type of Microsoft partner it turns out to be – gold or silver. As either a gold or silver partner, one will be able to use and enjoy the benefits Microsoft grants to meet business objectives.

By demonstrating its core capabilities, expertise and skills in a specific area, it’s possible for a company to earn either the gold or silver competency. However, a combination of both is possible for multiple competencies and for those that provide solutions across several areas. Microsoft uses partner designations to distinguish the business’ expertise within the network, and the participating company must meet certain criteria, as MICROMINE knows all too well from being a Microsoft Gold- Certified partner since 2013.

Microsoft performs an extensive compliance verification of its partners before they can achieve the elite status of being a Gold Certified Partner.

In order to attain Microsoft Gold Certified partnership, the highest level given to Microsoft partners, a company has to first join in the Microsoft Partner Network community, qualify for membership, become eligible and meet the requirements set forth by Microsoft.

MICROMINE is proud to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, which benefits our customers in terms of service and technical expertise. To learn more about our certification or to work with Micromine and our partners today to expand your capabilities, contact us at