In 2017, the Australian mining industry experienced a period of strong growth, increased revenue and flat operating costs which all paints a positive picture for Australia’s miners who look set to prosper over the next few years. To capitalise on these improved market conditions, miners are looking to data and technology to further increase efficiencies and improve profit margins.

Since the mining downturn miners have invested heavily in the collection, storage and shared access to data and are learning to harness the power of data to optimise their operations. There have been many success stories along the way where organisations have been able to not only maintain cost control but uncover greater profit margins through better use of data and technology.

As Australia’s miners enter the age of digital mining, there is no doubt data will play a pivotal role in their corporate strategy. Miners will be looking to ensure their businesses are set up with the right systems, people and processes to support data acquisition and analysis and turn their insights into tangible outcomes.

Data can be used in many ways from data driven modelling and estimation, to shift planning, fleet management and mine control. MICROMINE provides mining companies with the necessary tools to ensure they are not only managing and storing their data securely, but also utilising the data to gain insights into their operation and make informed, optimal decisions. This greater level of site control allows sites to increase production, reduce costs, and improve safety and business intelligence.

Micromine’s suite of intuitive software solutions, Geobank, Micromine and Pitram, span the entire mining cycle from geological exploration and data management to resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control. It assists miners to turn data driven insights into action.

Geobank is a secure and flexible data management system that works to protects mining companies’ data. Most mining and exploration companies struggle to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data. Some of the problems with inaccurate data are visible, others unfortunately are not. Loss of data, poor accessibility and quality control issues can cost millions of dollars when inaccurate modelling and decision-making results.

Micromine provides mining engineers and managers with an in-depth understanding of their exploration and mining projects, so prospective regions can be targeted more accurately, increasing the chance of success. It offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, planning, optimisation and scheduling.

When it comes to production, Pitram is the market leading fleet management and mine control solution for underground and open-pit operations. It allows sites to record, manage and analyse important data relating to equipment, personnel and materials in real time so that site managers can make informed decisions faster and with more confidence.

MICROMINE Chief Technology Officer Ivan Zelina says mining companies are starting to realise the true value data can bring to their operation “Today more than ever, our clients are demanding access to secure and quality data in real-time. We feel this need is going to continue to grow as mid-tier miners start to see some of the outcomes these insights can drive.

“The last few years delivered substantial progress in the domain of data science. We are working hard to bring intuitive analytical tool to our users. Our motto is that you shouldn’t need to be a data scientist to easily recognise valuable information in the data captured by our products.” says Zelina.

Over the next 12 months, MICROMINE is set to launch updated versions of their software solutions including the latest version of Micromine, Micromine 2018 and the new and improved Geobank 2018. Both products are due for release in early 2018 and include new features and enhancements aimed at increased functionality and usability.

“Our new product releases for 2018 have been built on the back of extensive feedback and consultation with our clients and will assist to make their job easier. MICROMINE maintains a strong focus on innovation and we feel we are well placed to respond to the positive change in market conditions.” Zelina added.


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