Fleet Management


The Fleet Management system supports the transmission and receipt of data across the mobile fleet, and supports the collection of data which is input directly by equipment operators using Pitram Mobile  and Pitram Tablet devices.

The Fleet Management system is responsible for maintaining the operability and reliability of the software installed on these devices in equipment units. Direct data entry using mobile devices provides a high level of data integrity and reliability that cannot be guaranteed when data is called-in to the control room over voice radio.


Key Features & Benefits Get Pitram

Key Features


  • Speed warning and alarms
  • Material mis-dump alarms
  • Proximity detection in the underground
  • Automatic data capture and transfer reducing manual entry and human errors
  • Task allocation and real time tracking of task
  • Fleet Management Integrates with third-party payload monitoring systems

Key Benefits


  • Reduce Costs and Increase Production with Fleet Management
  • Increased Control of your Fleet
  • Increased Safety and Awareness when managing your fleet
  • Accurately measure and track performance targets
  • Visualisation of your underground and surface fleets