Controlled Areas


Controlled Area Management monitors access to hazardous or restricted areas, alerting supervisors when the authorised duration within those areas is exceeded. Allocated permits such as “working from heights” and “confined space access” can be allocated and monitored.


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Controlled Area Management provides the tools needed to manage a site’s signs and permits requirements by tracking personnel working in hazardous or restricted areas, but is not just limited to the control of hazardous areas. Personnel working off-site, or in areas where radio coverage is irregular and where regular contact times are required, can also be tracked, for example.


Key Features

  • Increases safety in controlled areas
  • Allows a site to define the controls that should be put in place for each controlled area
  • Functionality can be used to display a list of the personnel in each area to monitor activity and notify the mine control room.
  • Control room operators can monitor;
    • The maximum number of personnel allowed in an area
    • The maximum allowed duration or minimum regular contact interval for each person in an area
    • Any special PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated signs and controlled areas can be registered, management and notification systems can be identified for increase control and safety.
  • Activities in, and movements through, controlled areas are logged, allowing control room operators to take appropriate action when an incident occurs, or when procedures are breached.