Drill and Blast


Drill & Blast Management provides the tools needed to better plan, schedule and manage operations on-site. Information about the status of drilling activities for each ring, including the ring number, its location, the date it progressed through each material flow stage, and the weight of material moved and the drilled length, are provided.


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Pitram Drill and Blast


Drill and Blast also allows geologists to better manage dilution within the mine using one of two methods:

The first method is typical in an underground scenario when the geologist needs to manage over or under break at the source. Adjustments can be allocated user-defined dilution types. These adjustments affect the weight and the grade of available material.

The second method is typical in open pit mining when a single blast will create a number of material sources. Once the design weight for the source is exceeded, the Drill and Blast function provides the geologist with an opportunity to allocate a grade, different from designed, to the excess movements.

Drill and Blast image

Drill and Blast screen

Key Features

  • The data collected for each stage in the production cycle is presented to the user in a visual format.
  • Shows planned drill holes, drill holes which are ready to be charged (drilled not blasted), the amount of blasted stocks that has been removed; and the estimated remaining stock available at any given time.
  • Planning and scheduling functionality
  • Extraction and ore removal monitoring
  • Historical analysis capabilities
  • Grade dilution awareness capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Assists mining engineers to monitor ore extraction where they have designed to deliver a planned weight and grade of material from a location
  • Allows engineers to enter planned holes by location, drill hole lengths, planned weight of blast material and it allows for the inclusion of estimated dilution of the material (pre- and post- blast).
  • Provides engineers with detailed information about the process by constantly monitoring drilling, materials and consumables.