Pitram Mobile is designed to run on ruggedized touchscreen tablets running Windows operating systems. There are various models of tablets available to best meet the requirements of individual mines including dust and water protection. As Pitram Mobile does not require proprietary hardware, it can also be installed if a mine already has compatible tablet and network infrastructure reducing the need to purchase additional hardware.

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Pitram Mobile is a touchscreen tablet application installed in cab on the mobile fleet.

Pitram Mobile enables equipment operators to capture production data manually via the touch screen or automatically via integration with onboard systems. This includes capturing cycle and primary states. Data captured on the tablets is uploaded to the server whenever the vehicle is in range the wireless network.

Pitram is also capable of automatically collecting data such as payload and fuel from OEM systems including:

  • Caterpillar VIMS
  • Komatsu PLM
  • Terex TRIPS
  • Belaz SKZ

Pitram Mobile is a prerequisite for the implementation of various Pitram connectors, as well as for modules like the Fleet Management.

Key Features

  • Electronic pre-start checklist
  • GPS tracking capabilities for surface mines
  • Speed warning and alarms
  • Material mis-dump alarms
  • Current payload indicator to minimise overloading or underloading
  • Proximity detection in the underground
  • Wireless network communication including messaging to reduce radio traffic
  • Automatic data capture and transfer reducing manual entry and human errors
  • Task allocation and real time tracking of task
  • Integration with third-party payload monitoring systems:
    • VEI HelperX
    • Loadman

Key Benefits

  • Automatically detect Load-Haul-Dump events and use positioning system to infer the event location
  • Cave draw control through dispatching in the underground
  • Integration of autonomous mining fleet with the rest of the Pitram system
  • Integration with on-board payload management systems
  • Summarising of manually and automatically captured production data for CMS to generate new draw plans