Automated Data Capture


Automated data capture enables mining operations to get ahead of the game and optimise their key mining activities. Utilising the latest technology, automated data capture minimises disruption to primary activities, provides near 100% data accuracy, and can provide live information for in-shift decision-making.

Pitram Automated forms part of the Pitram Control Room solution, and greatly reduces call volumes across the radio network, through automatically transmitting key data from equipment. Pitram Automated revolutionises the mine control room, providing an adaptable user interface for low-level data entry roles as well as for higher-level administrators and in-shift mine managers. Data capture is via on-board touch screens installed in the cabs of operating mine vehicles and ancillary equipment.


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The Pitram Tablet solution works in a similar way to Pitram Automated in that equipment operators enter the data via an on-board touchscreen. The key difference between these two automated data capture systems is that Pitram Tablet devices can be removed from the equipment at end-of-shift, and once in Wi-Fi range, the data from these devices is uploaded automatically to the Pitram database for analysis and reporting. Pitram Tablet enables a mining operation to capture live data irrespective of their IT network infrastructure.

Both Pitram Automated and Pitram Tablet can be integrated with OEM and third party hardware and software to gain access to operational data such as equipment health, loader utilisation, and proximity detection.

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Pitram Automated utilises state-of-the-art computer units with a simple, intuitive layout enabling machine operators to input key status and location information without interrupting production critical tasks. Through the use of a Pitram Automated information is more accurate, and more real-time than any other means.

  • A major feature of Pitram is the 180+ standard reports that clients can access including:

    • Equipment Performance
    • Equipment Availability & Utilisation
    • Equipment Timeline
    • Equipment Assignments
    • Operator Timesheet
    • Material Movements
    • Equipment Measures


  • Pitram is designed to be both scalable and customisable to suit any mining operation’s needs. Pitram Automated is a scalable solution in that as a mine’s needs change, the capability of the Pitram system can be enhanced further through further integrations with third party, such as OEM’s, software and hardware. MICROMINE understands that no two mines are the same, thus the need for flexibility at the point of the design by offering a customisable solution to meet our client’s needs including integrations with third party systems and products.


  • Pitram is the single source of the truth for mining operation data providing one central database to base development and production decisions on.

  • Provides real-time insight to key mining activities
  • No disruption to business critical tasks
  • Near zero data input error
  • Near perfect data accuracy and integrity
  • Live in-shift decision making capability