Voice Data Capture


The Control Room Voice solution allows production data to be entered into Pitram in real-time through radio communications between machine operators and personnel and a control room. The live data is directly entered into Pitram by control room administrators, thus ensuring data accuracy.

The Pitram Control Room Voice allows an operation to record and report production data in a robust, standard format using standard communications leaky feeder radio infrastructure.
Captured data can be analysed at end of shift for insights into performance.


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Key Features

  • Pitram Control Room Voice has a simple, intuitive layout enabling machine operators to call in status and location information without interrupting production critical tasks. Through the use of a Control Room Administrator Pitram Control Room Voice enables information to be transmitted via the radio communications infrastructure.
  • A major feature of Pitram is the 180+ standard reports that clients can access including:
    • Equipment Performance
    • Equipment Availability & Utilisation
    • Equipment Timeline
    • Equipment Assignments
    • Operator Timesheet
    • Material Movements
    • Equipment Measures
  • Pitram is designed to be both scalable and customisable to suit any mining operation’s needs. Pitram Control Room Voice is a scalable solution in that as a mine’s needs change, the capability of the Voice system can be enhanced further with the introduction of Pitram Automated. MICROMINE understands that no two mines are the same, thus the need for flexibility at the point of the design by offering a customisable solution to meet our client’s needs including integrations with third party systems and products.
  • Pitram is the single source of the truth for mining operation data providing one central database to base development and production decisions on.

Key Benefits

  • Trust in data accuracy and integrity is derived from robust data capture processes. Pitram Control Room Voice enables data to be called in close to real-time enabling more real-time decision making and end-of-shift analysis to take place.
  • Pitram Control Room Voice is designed to minimise any additional processes that may delay machine operators from their priority functions with operators calling in status and location information. Data entry into Pitram can be completed in real time and used for more immediate analysis.
  • Pitram Control Room Voice is a cost effective means of recording and reporting on data through the utilization of the operation’s radio network, providing far greater insight into a live mining operation, than what a site can achieve through spreadsheets or other manual processes alone.