Pitram Restful Integration Services, PRIS, allow third party software application to submit and retrieve Pitram information without having to directly access the Pitram database. Based on current, industry standard integration technology, PRIS allows an organisation to incorporate Pitram data into their Enterprise information systems.

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Modern mining operations have many information technology systems that operators, supervisors and managers rely on to operate a safe and efficient mine. Sharing information between these systems can save time and improve the value and accuracy of the data collected.

Pitram Restful Integration Services, PRIS, provides an industry standard method for accessing Pitram data, completely abstracted from the Pitram data model. PRIS utilises the “Restful Service” web service technology. This provides a means for any third party application, including mine design packages, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and corporate reporting systems, to extract data from Pitram. By utilising the “Restful Service” web technology this enables users to extract data from Pitram without the need for in-depth knowledge of how Pitram data is stored and without risking the integrity of the Pitram data.

PRIS can also be used to submit data to Pitram in a safe and structured manner. Third party systems such as autonomous loading and hauling systems, conveyor systems or weighbridges can submit data to Pitram. This data is treated in the same manner as data recorded through the Pitram control room and is available for reporting immediately.

By utilising PRIS, an operation can ensure that production data is utilised to its full extent throughout the mining operation.

Key Features

  • Integration with existing systems and third party software such as OEM, ERP, mine design and planning applications
  • Versatility – Pitram has the capability to “push” or “pull data to / from other applications
  • Integrity of Pitram data is retained

Key Benefits

  • Integrate with existing technologies, hardware and software operating at site
  • Reduce need for additional customisation and software development
  • Provides site with one central database for all mining activity data