Surface Optimiser


Surface Optimiser allows sites to establish priorities for their haul fleet via user configurable parameters. These priorities feed into the optimisation algorithm that takes into account fleet size, load times, distances and current fleet GPS positions, to optimise the allocation of the haul fleet to loading units.


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The Surface Optimiser automatically calculates the best allocation to ensure that up-to-date decisions are made whenever a truck arrives at a dump location or stops at a (configured for decision making) waypoint such as the entrance to a pit.

The decision making and optimisation process is performed in real-time. This allows for recommendations to be made to the control room operator, or for dispatch information to be sent automatically to the mobile fleet, thus reducing radio traffic and minimising the workload of operators.

The Surface Optimiser requires a wireless network. Pitram Mobile devices with GPS must also be installed on the hauling and loading fleet to facilitate the collection and automatic transfer of data.

Key Features

  • Easy to configure weightings to suit the goals of the mine
  • Can be configured to operate in Recommendation or Automated mode
  • Takes advantage of free to access GPS technology
  • Able to operate even without continuous network coverage with delayed dispatching decision making
  • Does not require any proprietary hardware
  • Manufacturer agnostic and will operate with any combination of load and haul fleet

Key Benefits

  • Automated mode reduces the workload on dispatch operators so they can focus on other tasks
  • Recommendations assist new or inexperienced operators, helping to train them to make better dispatch decisions
  • Does not require expensive full wireless coverage but provides better accuracy if available
  • Improves utilisation of hauling fleet to increase productivity or decrease operating costs
  • Reduces radio traffic allowing radio channels to be better utilised